Well today is blog action day and I’m sadly finding myself at the last minute making a post, is it better late than never? If you don’t know about blog action day please check out their website. Basic idea is to unite bloggers all over the world once a year to discuss a certain topic, create awareness and dialogue, and hopefully action and change. Over the day I’ve been trying to think about this year’s topic in relation to ceramics – a stretch i know, but I try to keep the blog ceramic related. I shouldn’t have bothered though as the topic needs not, and benefits little from being trivialized. I am a very lucky person that I have the means and the skills to live my dream as an artist as I’m aware that there are so many that struggle each and every day just to survive. Reminding myself of that means that I will winge less on the days I don’t get into the studio, or when the kiln is an utter disaster. I’m not going to go on a political rant or commentary in this post. I don’t want to trivialize the struggles and the pain. But am writing a post, bringing the issue to the table as a simple reminder to me, and maybe to you as well of the blessings in our lives. My list is long, longer than I deserve. I hope you as well are blessed, with family, health, freedom, creativity, hope and happiness. I am taking a moment today to think about poverty, the miriade of interconnected issues that cause it and my role and responsibility to help in anyway I can.
Best wishes to all.