From the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery:
“Don’t miss Gilbert Poisssant’s Artist Talk scheduled for 1pm June 28. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the distinctive vision of Gilbert Poissant and gain a fuller understanding of his intent and aesthetic. In a world enthralled with the virtual, Poissant has an abiding and profound attachment to and appreciation for his materials – he is grounded in the reality of “things”. Poissant has spent his professional life exploring all aspects of the discipline of creating ceramics. He is recognized for his contribution to public art. Poissant won a national competition for the realization of a work to adorn Quebec City’s “Ecole the Outremont Metro Station”. He was made a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2003 and was invited to participate in the international symposium, Barro de Americo in Venezuela. This is just a short list of his many accomplishments. You will most definitely enjoy connecting with this artist and his work prior to the official opening of “VARIATIONS ON DISCS, SPIRALS, AND XUANJIS”.”

Read more about Gilbert here or visit his website to see more work here.