Nothing makes my day like when readers send lovely emails which end with links to their websites and blogs. There are only so many hours in the day to get things accomplished and hours it seems get eaten up in front of the computer, either productively or otherwise…so when people can help to direct me to gorgeous art to share with you guys it completely makes my day.

When Margaret Matsuyama contacted me I was immediately drawn to her work. (You likely get a sense by now that I’m a bit partial to figurative work, it’s my weakness.) But seriously how sweet are these?

Not only are they charming, they pack a good punch in terms of subject matter. Here’s a bit from Margaret’s artist statement:

“Art acts as a crossroads between my varied interests, and the different sides of my identity. I am drawn to work evoking childhood experience and the repression of identity when it does not conform to social norms. I am also interested in exploring the subtle differences of identity, and its fragility or impermanence.”

For more insight into her work and more images of other pieces check out her website, and of course you should become a follower of her blog as well! (Oh and make sure you make the little guys dance on the home page of her website, hours of entertainment!)