I can hardly believe that artist of the day month is almost over…so sad! What are we going to do without our gorgeous daily dose of ceramics? I’m just not sure…
Well lets not dwell on it yet and instead enjoy today’s treasures by Robert Young. I love the carved lines in the first image.

Robert just graduated this month from the University of Guam with a double BA – Secondary Education, and Fine Arts/ Ceramics. Congratulations!

He says; “I am not what you would call a traditional student, as I started my freshman year at the young age of 50. Here I am 3 years later, ready to start a career as a certified teacher for high school, in ceramic arts. I started with painting and drawing, and still love doing them, but really had to work at it to produce anything worth looking at. Then I took a ceramics class, and discovered that I could get lost in time at the wheel. Several times I missed a whole day of classes, thinking I was just taking advantage of a two hour break between classes!”
Ha, I know that feeling all to well. I missed many a class in college distracted in the clay studio, and spent many a late night ignoring the clock, my hunger, the security guards and any common sense to fuel my clay addiction. It’s completely worth it in the end!
Make sure to stop by Robert’s website for more of his great work. The address is http://robertyoung.mosaicglobe.com/