(deadline: February 19)

THE TULIPAMWE ARTS TRUST is a community empowerment project organized under the auspices of the VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS DEPARTMENT at the UNIVERSITY OF NAMIBIA Professional, self-reliant, dynamic artists who work in any traditional or new visual arts media are invited to apply for the Tulipamwe Residency in Namibia from 12 April – 12 May 2010. Tulipamwe’s residency program offers the artist-in-residence an opportunity to live and work in Windhoek, capital of Namibia for a period of 4 weeks, giving the visiting artist the opportunity to integrate in the local artistic community and to respond to the local situation in his/her work. Tulipamwe endeavors to facilitate cultural exchange and creative dialogue in support of the international Triangle artists’ network, to which it is affiliated. Therefore the artist is welcome (but not obliged) to collaborate with Namibian artists during the residency. Artists are also encouraged to respond to their individual experience of the Namibian cultural environment in their work. Designed as an opportunity to grow creatively and to expand cultural horizons, the residency does not offer any kind of financial remuneration. However, Tulipamwe will endeavor to cover self-catering accommodation and basic materials, plus a daily allowance for meals and local transport. Tulipamwe will also, depending on the route of travel, attempt to cover international travel costs. However, artists who are able to attract financial assistance for their travel to/from Namibia (or part of it) will enjoy priority. (Applications can be submitted to ArtMovesAfrica who may assist with traveling costs of African artists). The artist-in-residence will be invited to offer a visual presentation and/or practical demonstration of his/her work to Namibian artists, students and the general public, thereby contributing to general education. Digital or analog equipment will be available for this presentation. Towards the end of the residency, the artist-in-residence will be invited to hold an open studio day, while the residency will culminate in an exhibition in a Windhoek gallery. Application details: Only email applications will be considered. The following need to be submitted: * A brief Curriculum Vitae, detailing your nationality, country of residence, training, specialization, exhibition record and workshop experience.
* A letter motivating your intent
* A recent photo of yourself
* 5 jpeg images of your recent artworks, not older than 2 years
* Names and e-mail address of two referees.
* NB: your email must not exceed 1MB, including attachments. If you cannot include everything in 1MB, please send more than one email. Application deadline: 19 February 2010

For further information contact:
Nicky nickyma@mweb.com.na or Hercules hviljoen@unam.na Website: http://www.artshost.org/tulipamwe