BESTIARY: Exploring the Animal in Contemporary Art
An International Competitive Exhibit | Full-color catalog produced.
Images of animals in art have existed parallel to those of humans for as long as images (and objects) have been made. Our social, creative, and psychological evolution is inextricably tied to our relationships with animals. Whether it be the taming of the wolf, resulting in ‘man’s best friend’, the tethering of the horse which magnified the power and geographic reach of humans, or the domestication of herd animals which contributed to the establishment of cities and large concentrations of people (and the growth of culture), they are all part of the trajectory of humanity to this point in time. And all have been documented, explored, and deified throughout the long process by images and objects featuring animals. But this isn’t just history (and pre-history). The animal remains a powerful subject in contemporary art. So Manifest has set aside its entire exhibition space, three galleries, to feature an exhibit which will reveal the state of the animal in contemporary art. With this we call for artists working in any media to submit works that in some way feature or address animals, real or imagined. Open to all traditional and non-traditional genre and media (including but not limited to video, sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, etc.) Proposals for Exhibits: Manifest’s Exhibition Committee is eager to receive proposals for solo, group, and concept-based exhibits. Proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis, with no deadline for entry or notification. Each exhibit season (Sept.- Aug.) is planned by June/July of each year. Requirements: 10 – 20 digital images or appropriate media; one page description of concept for exhibit, resume. Also include a SASE if return of materials is required.* * You are encouraged to contact the exhibition committee with any questions you may have prior to sending a submission by sending an e-mail to:show at MANIFEST GALLERY
2727 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 | show at