West Virginia University, NCECA, and Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute cordially

invites you to Shared Journeys II: Chinese/American Ceramic Art and

Education Symposium. The symposium will be hosted by WVU in Morgantown,

WV. We will be have demos, lectures, exhibitions, receptions, and a city-wide


WVU NCECA Shared Journeys II

Symposium on Chinese and American Ceramic Education

October 14-16, 2011

West Virginia University-Morgantown, WV

Speakers and Presenters include:

Val Cushing, Lv Pinchang, Bill Strickland, Gong Baoija, Dr. Elizabeth Lacouture,

Yang Bing, Dryden Wells, Li Chao, Joe Molinaro and many more…

For registration and info: (Early bird discounts end Sept. 5, 2011)




Shoji Satake

Assistant Professor/Ceramics Area Coordinator

West Virginia University

College of Creative Art

Division of Art and Design

Morgantown, WV