Objects of Desire
an international ceramic symposium with masters
5th – 26th July, 2012
the three week syposium, workshop participants will create new works, share
information and learn new techniques through the formal and informal
sessions, discuss the advances and developments in this expanding field of ceramics through a series of presentations
and lectures from all the participants. The workshop
will culminate in an exhibition of the work created during the symposium
in the Museum of the International Ceramics Studio.
Featured Masters:
Paul Mathieu (Canada)

His work in ceramics uses function and decoration as concepts
to explore the specificity of ceramics within art and culture.
Altogether art, design, media and crafts, the works contest and subvert
these categories to show their irrelevancy, ultimately.

Márta Nagy (Hungary)
Márta Nagy works within themes, and her
symbolically-charged art is characterized by a diversity in form and
decoration. Márta Nagy uses snow-white Hungarian porcelain and
red-firing chamotte clay. Almost always she combines the two. She
handbuilds her sculptures. The techniques she uses to colour her works
are various: metal oxide, coloured clay, lustre glaze, gold and silver
leaf. The combination of hese exceptional colourings are Nagy’s
signature; combined with the unpredictable forms they present a very
personal and unique work.

How to participate
At the International Ceramics Studio we have
comfortable ceramic studios and on site accommodation in single bedrooms
(provided with bedding, pillows, blankets, towels etc.). The
accommodation is self catering and we have large modern kitchens for
preparing meals and lounges for socialising. Artists have full 24 hour
access to their studios.
Cost of participating in the symposium is
210,000 HUF and includes, accommodation in single room, studio space,use
of all equipment etc. Extra costs will be for the materials and firings
you use.
Please email Steve at icshu@hotmail.com for details and application. 
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