Next Show:
Image and Form
contemporary bombardment of imagery brought on by relentless
advertising and unyielding production of photographs have left many of
us forgetting that often these images are more than a visual
representation; instead possess shape, take form, and live in our third
dimension. There’s a depth to be considered.

Nine potters now give us the chance to investigate what it means to consider image and
form. Primarily through decal transfers these artists represent not
only the visual but rather the visual in conjunction with the tangible.
How do they come together? Where do they meet? And what’s it mean to
bring an over saturated world of images into the intimate processes of
handmade ceramic? All questions to be considered when viewing Image and Form, from July 6th-20th.

Artists participating: Dan Anderson, Israel Davis, Andrew
Gilliatt, Julie Guyot, Erik Haagensen, Forrest Lesch-Middelton, Justin
Rothshank, Jane Shellenbarger, and Rimas VisGirda.

Next New Work:
Mitchell Spain

can come out of necessity to solve or fix a problem. It’s the small
details of ingenuity, the creativeness and resourcefulness used, that I
try to capture in my work.” Working with porcelain, Spain offers us some
truly original and exceptionally outstanding ceramics this month. Upon
first examination, these pots don’t look or feel like pottery at all,
but rather an old oil container or beer can dug up from any Midwest
farming homestead. This is truly amazing stuff, and while Spain
is only fresh out of an undergraduate degree, this young man is showing
skill and potential well beyond his years.

AKAR. 257 E. Iowa Avenue. Iowa City. IA 52240. T: 3193511227. WWW.AKARDESIGN.COM