The EnergyXchange in
Burnsville, North Carolina provides residencies for artists in Clay and
Glass, as they launch their careers. We’re accepting applications for 2
Clay residencies, both beginning in October, 2013.  Applications are due
May 15, 2013.
The EnergyXchange
Craft Incubator program was established to support six talented artists
in starting, managing, and operating their own small businesses in the
crafts of glass blowing and pottery. The residents have years of
experience already devoted to their respective craft. The goal of the
program is to help artists at the beginning of their careers further
develop both their craft and business skills, leaving EnergyXchange with
the ‘know how’ and experience necessary for success on their own or in
other craft studios.
artists while at EnergyXchange perfect their craft, develop their
businesses, and live in our community. The program supports two glass
artists and four clay artists. The clay kilns and glass furnaces are
fired with landfill gas at no additional cost to the residents. In the
creation of their pieces of art, the EnergyXchange artists are also
helping the environment and the local economy.
idea for EnergyXchange was created through the partnership of three
organizations–Blue Ridge Resource Conservation and Development Council
(BRRC&D), HandMade in America (HandMade), and Mayland Community
College (MCC)–all recognized for their strong track records in
education, the promotion of crafts, and community and resource
development and environmental protection in Western North Carolina.  EnergyXchange
has become one of the nation’s model energy recovery projects and is
used regionally, nationally, and internationally as an example of
successful small landfill gas projects. Methane
gas from the decomposing trash powers a hot shop for glass blowers, a
pottery kiln, and supplies radiant heat for the studios, greenhouses,
education center, offices and art gallery.

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