ACAD Receives Approval to Offer Its First Graduate Program: Master of Fine Art in Craft Media

After a recent review by Alberta
Quality Council, ACAD has been granted approval to offer a Master of
Fine Arts in Craft Media beginning in January 2015.

approval is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication from
many members of the ACAD community. Professor Dianne Taylor-Gearing,
Vice President Research and Academic Affairs and her team worked
diligently with the Province and members of Faculty to ensure that the
application for the MFA met Campus Alberta Quality Council’s rigorous
academic standards.

“All in Academic Affairs who have been
working on this should be commended as this is a major milestone for the
Alberta College of Art + Design as it enters the next phase of its
evolution in providing graduate educational leadership in arts and
craft,” says Dr. Daniel Doz, President and CEO of ACAD.  “I wish to
extend my thanks to the MFA team members for their dedication to:
Mackenzie Kelly-Frere, Charles Lewton-Brain, Tyler Rock, Wayne
Baerwaldt, Laura Vickerson, Jennifer Salahub, Mireille Perron, Greg
Payce, Kurtis Lesick, and Natali Rodrigues with a special thank you to a
number of significant contributors including Marc Scholes, Christopher
Willard, Carissa Cameron Matthews, Alice Joshua and Dianne

A successful country requires highly qualified
creative people engaged to make Canada the best place to live, work and
play. “The MFA in Craft Media establishes ACAD as a unique international
centre of excellence for graduate studies in ceramics, glass, fibre,
metals and jewelry,” explains Professor Taylor-Gearing, Vice President
of Academic Affairs. “We are excited to welcome the first MFA graduate
students commencing January 2015 from Alberta and beyond.”

the addition of the MFA in Craft Media, ACAD will be a destination for
many members of Canada’s cultural community wishing to further their
education.   By offering diverse and cross-disciplinary programs at both
the undergraduate and graduate level, ACAD will be recognized as one of
Canada’s leading art and design colleges. 

Approval of the MFA
is one of many foundational steps to realizing the strategic priorities
identified in the 2012 Strategic Plan.  The Alberta College of Art +
Design is unique among its Campus Alberta partners – it is the only
College with a provincial mandate for art and design education and is
now the only College to grant graduate degrees.