Michael Lorsung – Artist Statement
I am interested in objects that are human made, but not necessarily hand made. I love the idea that as a species we have largely created the contemporary world that we live in and interact with on a daily basis. Our relationship to the objects that run through our lives is largely passive in so far as our thoughtfulness about their origins. Because of the ubiquitous nature of human made objects coupled with the throwaway, utilitarian culture we live in, it seems we frequently dismiss or simply never recognize the beauty in these things.
My work is an attempt at giving time and attention to objects from my own life that I find beautiful; whether these inanimate, soulless things want my attention or not. I care. Be it a grain silo whose form follows its innate function is beautiful in the way that sailboats are, as is a wrench on a tool bench that bears the marks of years of use or disuse by its owner. The objects themselves are monuments to our abilities, and their ubiquitous, oftunappreciated existences serve as reminders of the hubris that we project as a materially privileged culture.

I make these objects because I truly do believe that we do not recognize how much of ourselves as humans are inside of the man made things around us. Through the process of leaving my marks, drawings, and narratives on the surfaces of these pieces I am trying to leave the viewer with the sense that the meaning in the objects is created indeed by the user, and becomes part of the object’s history, despite its inauspicious beginning as an object of pure utility or function.