portion or section of a written work; a paragraph, verse, etc.:
act or instance of
from one place, condition, etc., to another; transit.
route or course by which a person or thing
passes or travels.
channel, opening, etc, through or by which a person or thing may pass
Artist statement:
Lesley McInally
My current series of clay works
examines the relationships between the natural land and ancient manmade
structures, in the past abandoned, left to be transformed through time by the
force of the elements and generations of human contact and interpretation. The
relationship and interaction of landscape, seascape, weather and archaeological
sites of Neolithic chambers, dwellings and monuments found in the Orkney
Islands have been the predominant influence in my most recent body of work.
What has become increasingly intriguing for me is the historical narrative
encapsulated within and on these ancient monuments.
Stone: Once a naturally occurring material it was re-manipulated
into structures to imbue meaning and value to the original culture, then sat
quietly for thousands of years accumulating dialogue from many different groups
of individuals. Ancient ogham inscriptions, pictish carvings, nordic runes and
victorian text are but some of the graffiti shaping the skin of these
monuments. The discovery of this graffiti changes our understanding of the
world and our place within it. We witness a layering of historical events as
they travel the passage of time.
There is a powerful sense of time embedded within these
structures, a humbling sensation to feel the presence of those who have come
before us, leaving their mark and introducing a dialogue between the ancient
and the contemporary.  Only the
contemporary society can witness one particular part of its existence. The
structures themselves and what we place upon them will continue to evolve and
change with time leaving insights for the coming generations.
Curator: Jonathon Smith
Art Gallery of Burlington, Perry Gallery.
January 24-March 22
Opening Reception: 8th February 2-4pm
Lecture by the artist: 11 February 10am