The Zakin Apprenticeship

Sponsored by the Allied Arts Foundation, Seattle, Washington
Managed by Maryon Attwood and Robbie Lobell, Cook on Clay LLC

The Zakin Women in Studio Arts, Design, Business, and Manufacturing
Apprenticeship Program is an exceptional opportunity for a potter to
learn the combined skills required for today’s contemporary studio
artist, including the business of art, design, and related manufacturing

Apprenticeships are one- to two-year, hands-on learning opportunities.

The Apprentice is provided with studio space, use of studio equipment,
and inexpensive living quarters. There are nominal materials and firing
fees. Apprenticeships require 25 hours per week of work for Cook on
Clay. The Apprentice learns the importance of being part of a team, and
is mentored and tutored in studio work, design and manufacturing
practices, and managing a small artisan-based business.

Cook on Clay has two educational settings:

  • The studios are located on our 10-acre homestead in Coupeville on
    Whidbey Island, 30 miles northwest of Seattle, WA. Ceramic classes and
    studio equipment are located here, along with a 70 cubic foot soda kiln.
  • The production Annex is located a few miles from the studio, and is
    where manufacturing (hydraulic pressing and finishing), glazing,
    bisquing, firing, and packaging take place.

Whidbey Island offers a large arts community, small family farms and
unsurpassed natural beauty. Hiking, biking, kayaking and beachcombing
are readily accessible in this spectacular corner of the country. An
array of sales opportunities is available, including cooperative
galleries, farmer’s markets, studio tours, and craft fairs.

Apprenticeship Program Outline
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