Taos Clay Studio is a ceramic art center dedicated to the spread of
contemporary clay culture within Taos County, and across the country. We
are a community-based organization hosting lectures, workshops, and
events to promote art education and hands on learning. We foster an
environment of creativity catering to all ages and skill levels.

twelve years ago by Page Patterson Taos Clay has been making an impact
on the local art scene since its doors opened. In April of last year the
studio underwent a major change when Brandi Jessup our current owner
and director purchased the studio from local artist and entrepreneur
Logan Wannamaker. Building on twelve years of history and awesome, we
are growing at a rate we never could have anticipated!

We firmly
believe in the power and importance of arts education and its ability to
impact lives. Through memberships and classes, internships and
residencies, we build opportunities for lifelong learning and
experimentation in the visual arts.

In January of this year we
partnered with Travis Webb of Accelerated Kinetic Arts to open a second
space dedicated to bringing artists of all media together.

AKA Studio is a think tank for artists, business people, martial
artists, actors, dancers, and creative people of all backgrounds and
skills to come together. We create conversation and connect the dots
between media to generate both artistic and economic impact!

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