Stay focused 2015

In connection to the above title is a little sculpture that I really care about: the bollard. The little object observed along the quay, that is tying in and letting go of all ships. I see the bollard as a symbolic object standing both for freedom and solidity.

Mette Jerl Jensen, architect at the Royal Architectural School in Copenhagen, wrote a little poem to me about the bollard, it is so beautiful in Danish, I like so much. My good friend and poet Niels Kjær from Aarhus has translated the poem:

The Bollard
A poetic anchoring between the fluid and the solid

And there they stand alongside the wharf, side by side, rhythmic and regular as small soldiers of the harbour.

Sturdy and steadfast little creatures with an ability to stand up to all physical logic, and a will to bridle the widely traveled and wild, untamed forces.

Faithful they stand in both stillness and storm, listening to stories from far and near. Like a poetic anchoring between fluid and solid.

Mette Jerl Jensen,PhD, Architect MAA., 

Translation: Niels Kjær

In January 2015 I spent some
time on a Retreat for scientists and artists. It is in the very north of
Denmark, very close to the sea!  Klitgaarden Refugio was a summer
residence for the Danish royal family from 1913 to 1997.
in a place like this is fascinating. Here I focused strongly on my work,
and got a lot of enjoyment and inspiration by being there. Walking
along the Warf, looking at the life of the harbor is one of my “musts”
every time I go here.
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You can see Helle’s work in person currently on exhibit as part of the exhibition Scandinavian Sculptural Ceramics, at Vendsyssel Museum of Art Denmark