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Stay focused 2015

In connection to the above title is a little sculpture that I really care about: the bollard. The little object observed along the quay, that is tying in and letting go of all ships. I see the bollard as a symbolic object standing both for freedom and solidity.

Mette Jerl Jensen, architect at the Royal Architectural School in Copenhagen, wrote a little poem to me about the bollard, it is so beautiful in Danish, I like so much. My good friend and poet Niels Kjær from Aarhus has translated the poem:

The Bollard
A poetic anchoring between the fluid and the solid

And there they stand alongside the wharf, side by side, rhythmic and regular as small soldiers of the harbour.

Sturdy and steadfast little creatures with an ability to stand up to all physical logic, and a will to bridle the widely traveled and wild, untamed forces.

Faithful they stand in both stillness and storm, listening to stories from far and near. Like a poetic anchoring between fluid and solid.

Mette Jerl Jensen,PhD, Architect MAA., 

Translation: Niels Kjær

In January 2015 I spent some
time on a Retreat for scientists and artists. It is in the very north of
Denmark, very close to the sea!  Klitgaarden Refugio was a summer
residence for the Danish royal family from 1913 to 1997.
in a place like this is fascinating. Here I focused strongly on my work,
and got a lot of enjoyment and inspiration by being there. Walking
along the Warf, looking at the life of the harbor is one of my “musts”
every time I go here.
Please visit Helle’s website for more:

You can see Helle’s work in person currently on exhibit as part of the exhibition Scandinavian Sculptural Ceramics, at Vendsyssel Museum of Art Denmark

The Narrative Dish @ the Sask Craft Council

The Narrative Dish
Selected by ceramic artist and musing about
mud blog editor, Carole Epp; the exhibition The
Narrative Dish
brings together a group Canadian ceramic makers whose work
makes significant investigations into the use of narrative and imagery on
functional tableware. Specifically, this is a group of six female artists whose
awareness and understanding of each other’s professional practices makes for
the perfect storm, or maelstrom if you will, of storytellers.
Fundamentally, what makes a good story…how
does one weave a good narrative and what is the best way to get that story to
stand the test of time? Of course there is the tradition of passing down
stories through oral legacies and by means of pen and paper. Storytelling
formats include everything from audio and videotape, book and newspaper and
currently all sorts of technological and virtual formats as introduced via the
computer times we now live in. Let us add to the list the realm of art…and more
specifically ceramics that has a far-reaching history of serving as a narrative
conduit. An indelible and permanent material, clay materials long outlive its
makers, stand all sorts of tests of time and by virtue serves as the one of the
most perfect vehicles for story telling.
The predominance of narrative imagery that
graces the functional ware of virtually every ceramic-producing culture throughout history has
long since depicted the people, values and culture. In effect, the practice of
placing and impressing imagery upon a material of such permanence has served as
a record keeper of sorts that continues to this day. It is the longstanding
lineage of such a practice that served as an inspiration for bringing together
contemporary artists for an investigation into contemporary Canadian portrayals
of social narrative.
As core values in society shift slowly but
noticeably towards a reaffirmation of the value of the handmade, these artists
represent a new generation of clay artists who are using their chosen medium to
depict our times in the most intriguing of ways. Some of the artists embrace
and employ their narrative ceramic practice through au so courant illustrative means
that are currently trending through “indie” design aesthetics while others opt
for a more humble retelling of contemporary narratives. Some retell and record
their stories with a sense of refined grace that has rubbed off on us via the
world of graphic design while others employ a visceral meat-and-potato approach
to aesthetics more akin to the worlds of folk art, comics and cartoons. Using
the concept of the narrative as a vehicle for their artistic endeavors, each of
the selected artists in this exhibition is well versed, and ergo, serve as
prime examples of how specific technical and aesthetic choices make for the
retelling of their stories in the most unique ways. These artists I believe have  captured a feel for the culture and
interests that comprise contemporary Canadian society today.
While a diverse and broad range of ceramic
practitioners currently work within the genre; thus affording a large breadth
of artists to select from, these particular makers were selected to represent a
certain subsection within the genre. Each of the artists help to identify
either a specific female narrative; a generational narrative, a design based
aesthetic and even narratives of a geographical nature.
Participating artists:
Elizabeth Burritt, Jenn Demke Lange, Cathy
Terepocki, Mariko Paterson, Carole Epp, Aura Carney
Please check out the exhibition online here.

call for artists: Salon International du Design de Montréal (english follows below)

En tant que membre du comité de sélection pour l’exposition AVENUE DE LA CULTURE au Salon International du Design de Montréal (SIDIM), nous aimerions vous faire part de cette invitation avant la date d’échéance qui arrive très bientôt. 

Si vous avez des questions sur cette exposition, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter !

Date limite d`inscription: 1er Mai 2015
Vous désirez vous faire connaître auprès de l’industrie du design en 2015 ? 
Cet appel de candidature est pour vous !   

Salon International du Design de Montréal (SIDIM) est présentement à la
recherche d’artisans et de designers de toutes disciplines proposant
des créations exclusives pouvant intéresser une clientèle de designers
et d’entreprise  pour sa populaire exposition AVENUE DE LA CULTURE  
Suivez ce lien pour envoyer votre candidature
a pour but de mettre de l’avant votre talent auprès d’un réseau de plus
de 20 000 professionels du design, médias spécialisés, acheteurs
corporatifs et amateurs de créations québécois.

Critère d’admissibilité:

– Être un Artisan ou Designer résidant au Canada
– Présenter des créations contemporaines pouvant s’intégrer au design d’intérieur ou d’extérieur.
– Faire partie des disciplines recherchées pour l’exposition (voir les disciplines)


Voici quelques objectifs que le SIDIM peut vous permettre d’atteindre :
  1. Accéder au réseau des acheteurs corporatifs, des designers et de leurs clients.
  2. Vous faire voir des principaux médias spécialisés (plus de 400 médias sur place)
  3. Vous positionner dans une niche de consommateurs intéressées à votre produit.


  • Dates : 21-22-23 Mai 2015
  • 2 jours industrie du design / 1 jour grand public
  • Lieu : Place Bonaventure, centre ville de Montréal
  • Nombre de visiteurs : +/- 20 000 (industrie du design, médias et grand public)
  • Plus de 400 médias locaux et internationaux sur place.
  • 93% des visiteurs du SIDIM ont un intérêt marqué pour les produits faits à la main et le design d’ici.
  • Les ventes sont permises sur place. Aucune commission exigée.

 Suivez ce lien pour envoyer votre candidature

Pour toute demande de renseignements, veuillez nous contacter aux coordonnées ci-dessous.
Au plaisir de vous rencontrer sur cet événement !
As a member of the selection committee for the exhibition AVENUE OF
CULTURE at the International Exhibition of Design Montreal (SIDIM), we
would like to share this invitation before the due date happens soon.
If you have questions about this exhibition, please contact us!
You want to make known to the design industry in 2015?This call for entries is for you!
 The International Exhibition of Design Montreal (SIDIM) is currently
seeking artisans and designers from all disciplines offering exclusive
designs of interest to designers and a corporate customer for its
popular exhibition AVENUE OF CULTURE
 Follow this link to send your application
The exhibition aims to put forward your talent with a network of over
20,000 professionals of design, specialized media, corporate buyers and
enthusiasts Quebec creations.
– Be a Designer or Artisan resident in Canada- Presenting contemporary designs that can be integrated to interior or exterior design.- Be part of the disciplines sought for exposure  
  Here are some goals SIDIM can help you achieve:

    Access to the network of corporate buyers, designers and their clients.
    You see the main specialized media (over 400 media locally)
    Position yourself in a niche of interested consumers to your product.


    Dates: 21-22-23 May 2015
    2 days design industry / consumer 1 day
    Location: Place Bonaventure, downtown Montreal
    Number of visitors: +/- 20,000 (design industry, media and the general public)
    More than 400 local and international media on site.
    93% of visitors SIDIM have a strong interest for products handmade and design here.
    Sales are permitted on site. No commission charged.

 Follow this link to send your application
 For any inquiries, please contact us at the address below.

Chargé de projet AVENUE DE LA CULTURE | SIDIM 2015
En collaboration avec Artxterra