Well i guess i can’t delay the sad news anymore, even though i’d like to believe this isn’t actually happening….

I’m deeply disappointed and sorry to announce that I’ve had to cancel my workshops in Australia at the Canberra Potters’ Society and Slow Clay. Sadly I will also be missing the Stepping Up: 14th Australian Ceramics Triennale 2015 coming up in a few weeks.

I’m okay, but due to illness I’m no longer able to travel overseas until I undergo surgery. Basically since ending
up in the ER last friday I no longer have any medical insurance to
cover my trip. Pre-existing condition now, blah blah blah…And with the
potential of needing emergency surgery while out of country I just
can’t risk the financial bankruptcy that such a situation would cause. I
also can’t put my health in jeopardy. My family and our health is

I’m heartbroken
to not be returning to Australia. It’s been too long and I miss my
friends and the ceramics community over there terribly. I had been
looking forward to meeting up with many new friends as well, and the
opportunity to present at the Australian Triennale, and the two
workshops alongside Benjamin Carter were going to be such wonderful professional learning experiences for me.

I’m grateful to everyone that supported this trip and helped to
organize things over the last year. To all the participants who had
signed up for the workshops I’m deeply sorry to not be able to be there.
Ben Carter will be going ahead with the workshops solo and to be honest
he’s so talented and generous, with insight into so many of the amazing
artists that play a part of our community, that I would have likely
just gotten in the way. Now you have the wonderful opportunity to hear
and work with Ben without me interrupting with my crazy cat lady stories
: )

And well the slight silver lining on all of this? I stupidly
didn’t get cancellation insurance for my flight, so once all of this
health silliness gets sorted I’ll still have a ticket back to Australia
waiting for me.

Everything for a reason right?