Artists Supporting Artists Fellowships
fellowships for emerging visual artists, supported by the Wolf Kahn and
Emily Mason Foundation, to provide a VSC residency and the unique
opportunity of focused mentorship with artist Chuck Webster, who will
visit the selected Fellows during their month-long residencies in 2016.
Each award also includes a $500 stipend.

Boston University Fellowship
1 two-week fellowship for a Boston University Fine Arts alumni who has graduated within the last 10 years.

Civil Society Institute Fellowship
fellowship for a minority artist with demonstrable financial need from
an east coast city. The $25 application fee is waived for eligible CSI
applicants.  This award also includes a $500 travel stipend.

This fellowship is open to east coast minority artists. To be
considered, be sure to complete the cultural background portion of VSC’s
application and include financial documentation (a copy of the first
page of your most recent income tax return, a recent W-2, a statement of
need, etc.). Preference will be given to those artists with current
addresses in the New Haven, Jersey City, and Baltimore areas.

Concordia University Fellowships
fellowships open to full- and part-time faculty and graduate and
undergraduate students with at least 30 credits in the Department of
Studio Arts:
Charles C. Gurd Artist Residency Awards for Concordia University
Concordia University Fine Arts Residency Award
The following members in the Department of Studio Arts are eligible for
the two Fellowships:  students currently enrolled in a course of study
leading to a BFA in the Department of Studio Arts who has completed at
least 30 credits, graduate students currently enrolled in the MFA
program, full- and part-time faculty in the Department of Studio Arts
(including tenure track, tenured ETA/LTA). Applicants may be Canadian
citizens, permanent residents or international students.

#Giving Tuesday VSC Alumni Fellowship
fellowship for a visual artist who has previously attended a VSC
residency, made possible by generous support from our alumni and

Harpo Foundation Native American Fellowships  
fellowships open to Native American visual artists living in the U.S.,
based on the strength and quality of their work.  This award includes a
$500 travel stipend.
ELIGIBILITY: These awards are for
American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian visual artists.
Please identify your tribal affiliation and include a brief artist
statement (300 words or less) about your work and your plans for a VSC

Jon Imber Painting Fellowship
Fellowship for a painter in honor of VSC friend and Visiting Artist Jon
Imber, who lost his battle with ALS in April 2014. The Fellowship will
be awarded to a painter whose work embodies the spirit of Jon Imber.

Oregon Artist Fellowships
fellowships open to “mid-career” visual artists in Oregon. These
fellowships, sponsored by The Ford Family Foundation, each include a
$750 stipend.
ELIGIBILITY:  These awards are intended for
“mid-career” artists (for lack of a better term) living in Oregon, who
have already launched their creative practice as demonstrated by a
seven-year history of documentable work in the form of exhibitions,
catalogues, etc. and who are age 30 or older. 

Zeta Orionis Fellowship
1 fellowship for a female painter, age 45 or older, living and working in the U.S. Award based on merit.

Hedda Sterne Fellowship
fellowship for a female visual artist working in painting, drawing, or
collage. This award, sponsored by the Hedda Sterne Foundation, includes a
$1,000 stipend.
ELIGIBILITY: This award is intended for
female artists who work in a form or medium that Hedda Sterne worked in
(painting, drawing, collage).  

The Swan Fellowship
1 fellowship for an interdisciplinary artist who paints and writes.
This fellowship is open to interdisciplinary artists with proficiency
in both painting and creative writing. To be considered for this award
as a visual arts applicant, please attach a CV that demonstrates
creative writing publications along with your slides/images.

Windgate Craft Artists Fellowships
fellowships for visual artists working in traditional craft media
(clay, fiber, glass, metal, wood). Each fellowship, sponsored by the
Windgate Charitable Foundation, includes a $1,000 stipend.

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