6 month studio residency in Sonoma California. The next application deadline is May 2.

About the Artist in Residence program at Sonoma Ceramics:
believe that our connection to the community is strengthened by
supplying a venue for talented artists to integrate with, and become
members of the Sonoma community. For six months our Artist in Residence
provides community members and visitors with a fresh perspective.

One Artist in Residence will
be chosen to spend six months living and working at the Sonoma
Community Center. During this time, the Artist in Residence is able to
concentrate on developing a cohesive body of work. While
at Sonoma Community Center, the Artist in Residence is given ample
employment opportunities to teach classes and workshops to community
members of all levels.

to all artists living within the US, the opportunity is designed for
artists dedicated to developing a body of work with a specific purpose
of end goal, culminating in a gallery exhibition at the completion of
the residency.  Includes stipend, furnished apartment and semi-private studio in exchange for 20 hours of work per week.