Mariko Paterson, of Halifax’s Forage Studios (
has opened up
her virtual toolbox to share some of her ceramic techy ways. The series
of 4
short videos give a quick tutorial on her modified mishima technique (PS
a tip
of the hat to Molly Hatch for inspiring her). A brief description of the
processes can be found as captions for each Instagram Post, but her
audience has helped flesh things out with their subsequent line of
considerate questions. How she
transfers image on to clay, the tools she uses and the “wipe on, wipe
technique involved in her staining techniques are questions she is often
fielded and is happy to answer. “Sharing is caring,” she replied to a
Facebook post that
otherwise cautioned her to guard her secrets for she, herself, is really
just adapting a time honoured ceramic technique. That said, she
completely understands
that many ceramic artists have honed their craft for years and years and
not be so willing to oblige. To Mariko, she is sharing the very basics,
when she started off on this process s took her about a year and a half
to “perfect.”
And she says, “practice makes perfect, but style is earned!” So pull up
her Instagram
feed (@foragestudios), and get stylin’!

The video clips can be found
the top of Mariko Paterson’s most current Instagram Feed
(@foragestudios) and under the “Bits” section of her www.foragestudios website. Just click on the Star Techy link under that heading.