This video was originally made to help my Ceramics II students on their
Textured Slab Set with Focal Accent Project. In the video, I
demonstrate how to roll and texture a slab, and create a cylinder with a
squared darted bottom. I used a piece of craft foam from which I cut
my feather focal accent, and I used an MKM wooden roller to create my
repeated texture in the background. I also demonstrate how to create a
handle with the same texture as on the cup.
See link to the MKM roller website:…
am a high school visual arts and ceramics teacher at William Mason High
School in Mason, Ohio. I have been teaching for over 25 years, and
have been working in clay since 1986 when I took my first ceramics class
in college! I have an Etsy shop where I sell my personal pottery which
I make at home.
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The MudTools ribs are my favorite ribs- in this video, I use the yellow and red ones. Here is a link to the mudtools ribs:…