My work explores
America’s complicated relationship with sex through the fetishization of fast
food. I derive inspiration from the idyllic realm of advertisement, where the
object that is represented is often not the product received and the
presentation overtly sexualized.
Fast food objects are
placeholders for the human form; the layers of a burger and strong curve of a
hot dog become yonic or phallic. I decorate these commonly found food items
with colorful slips and glazes mimicking sloppy condiments and personal
lubricants. The vibrancy of color establishes attraction to the piece. Where
the oozing layers of ejaculate like glaze, repulse.
While some innuendoes in
the work come naturally to the form, others are forced. This dichotomy between
obvious and obscure adds another layer to the ridiculous nature of the work.
Once complete, the work is displayed like an advert where a moment is captured,
frozen, and evokes a sense of fake or fabricated depth.