call for artists: Danish Art Foundation ~ International Research Visit – Crafts and Design

Who may apply?

Art / craft / design mediation professionals from abroad such as:
  • curators,
  • critics,
  • academic researchers,
  • journalists
  • etc.
may apply for funding for travel to and accommodation in Denmark.
Students and design schools may not apply.
Craftsmen and designers may only apply, if they can
document significant curatorial or other above mentioned  professional
The research programme is primarily aimed at
applicants who already have contacts on the Danish art scene or
candidates who wish to develop a project involving specific Danish
artists or institutions. Applicants must be able to organise meetings
with institutions/craftsmen/designers and studio visits on their own.
Please note: The Danish Arts Foundation is obliged to publish the names of all applicants.

Purpose of the program

  • To provide
    art/craft/design mediation professionals from abroad with the
    opportunity to acquire an insight into the contemporary Danish craft and
    design scene.
  • To strengthen networking and dialogue between the Danish and international craft and design scenes.

Full details here:

job posting: AB Craft Council Gallery

Gallery Staff
Part-time job
Competition deadline: March 30, 2017 | Start date: May or June 2017

All three positions will share duties and schedules, and will be hired
to work as a team. One position will be focused on exhibitions. Another
will be focused on retail marketing and sales. The third position will
be focused on communications, media relations and events. All three will
work closely with ACC’s provincial staff.

Full job posting:

10186 106 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1H4

emerging artist: Tucker Claxton

My work explores
America’s complicated relationship with sex through the fetishization of fast
food. I derive inspiration from the idyllic realm of advertisement, where the
object that is represented is often not the product received and the
presentation overtly sexualized.
Fast food objects are
placeholders for the human form; the layers of a burger and strong curve of a
hot dog become yonic or phallic. I decorate these commonly found food items
with colorful slips and glazes mimicking sloppy condiments and personal
lubricants. The vibrancy of color establishes attraction to the piece. Where
the oozing layers of ejaculate like glaze, repulse.
While some innuendoes in
the work come naturally to the form, others are forced. This dichotomy between
obvious and obscure adds another layer to the ridiculous nature of the work.
Once complete, the work is displayed like an advert where a moment is captured,
frozen, and evokes a sense of fake or fabricated depth.

residency opportunity: Salt Spring Island Artist in Residence AiR program.

Salt Spring Arts Council (SSAC) and the Artist in Residence steering
committee are pleased to announce the second year of the Artist in
Residence (AiR) Program on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. 
Artist in Residence (AiR) Program provides an opportunity for artists to
work in the vibrant arts environment of Salt Spring Island. The program
is open to all professionals working in the arts, in any genre or
medium, at any stage of their careers. AiR encourages applications from
artists of diverse cultural and regional backgrounds. The intent is to
provide the time and space for creativity and productivity and to
introduce visiting artists to Salt Spring Island and its arts
will be awarded based on available facilities, potential links to the
Salt Spring community, collaborative opportunities and artistic merit.
Applications for the AiR program can be submitted on or before April 15, 2017 for tenure between October 2017 and April 2018. 
Application information is available at 
Salt Spring looks forward to welcoming the winner of the second Salt Spring National Art Prize to be announced October 21, 2017. See

AiR program invites artists to ‘Come, share the experience” and engage
with the creative cultural community of Salt Spring Island.