“Hey Red Clay Rambler fans, the leaves are falling here in the U.S. so it’s time for our Fall fund drive. Our goal for the month of November is to raise $12,000 to support our production costs. Throughout the year I receive emails from fans who talk about how this podcast helps them connect with other artists around the world. One recent listener said, “I appreciate all the voices you give a platform to, especially amazing women like Naomi Clement.” Giving voice to the many generations of ceramics artists that are working today is my mission and I need your help to accomplish it. You can get involved by making a donation through the Pay Pal donation portal above or by making a monthly pledge at patreon.com/redclayrambler.” – Ben Carter

On a personal note I want to encourage you to consider supporting Ben and all his work. As someone who understands the hours that are put into projects like this, I know it comes with sacrifices. Image above is from a visit Ben had in Saskatchewan in 2015 with artists Paula Cooley, Ken Wilkinson and Judy Tryon. I’ve had the honor of being interviewed by Ben a few times and sitting on the side lines while he has meet with and engaged with our community. Over the years of listening to Ben’s podcast I have found that his interviews inspire creativity and innovation, and also strengthen his listeners’ engagement with over-arching issues within our field, including the complex issues around making in contemporary culture, diversity in our field or sustainability. From the personal to the political and everything in between, his interviews draw out conversations that we all should be contemplating in our studio practices. Through the longevity of this podcast, he has created an oral history of contemporary clay that is unparalleled elsewhere. Tales of a Red Clay Rambler will be a resource for numerous future generations of makers, collectors, researchers and ceramic enthusiasts.  – Carole