NCECA‘s first monthly eBay Cup Exhibition and Sale opens for bidding tomorrow, Thursday May 21st at 4pm MDT* and closes on May 31st. This inaugural auction is a wonderful opportunity to add to your cup collection or purchase beautiful gifts for those you care about while advancing the field of contemporary ceramic art and learning. Proceeds benefit NCECA’s Fund for Artistic Development which supports creative research and diversity fellowships, international residencies, and student scholarships. Visit this link on and after May 21st to see and bid on cups that are available for purchase at auction. If you are interested in bidding but not yet a user of the eBay platform, you may wish to review this brief instructional video and this page on the auction site.

Each year, NCECA provides more than $50,000 in direct support to artists and students. Beginning tomorrow, new cups will be featured each month on NCECA’s website and NCECA’s eBay Seller Page. Cup makers will retain possession of their works until a winning bid is determined at the close of each month’s auction. NCECA provides makers with a prepaid shipping label to transport the cup to its new owner.

If you missed the deadline to have your cup featured in the first month of auction items, don’t despair. You can still contribute your work through the participation form at this link.

call for entry: Kindled Spirits

October 2020: “Kindled Spirits”

technical tuesday: Buying your first pottery wheel (Hard Talk)

This video is being made because so many people ask me what they should buy for their first wheel or at least what my opinion is. please remember that what I say in this video is only my opinion and come from my experience on these wheels of which I have worked on. the majority of the information I found for this video can be found at the big ceramic and we go over a large variety of beginner wheels here this video is not for specialty or Advanced wheels. so here you go, a video on what you should buy for your first pottery wheel.

p.o box info :293883 zip : 95829 sacramento, name: Donte the potter – Music by: Non-Copyrighted Music Chill LoFi Hip Hop Instrumental Royalty Free Chill Hop Music

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Start virtual classes with Northern Clay Center TODAY!

Feeling isolation frustration? Stir up your creativity and Clay-Along with NCC through classes and kits designed to fulfill your clay longings at a social distance. This reimagined approach to ceramic education will pioneer a couple of different avenues: 5-week virtual classes, and self-guided clay kits. Virtual classes will meet once a week via Google Meet and Google Classroom with an NCC Teaching Artist who is eager to guide you through quality at-home digital learning; and clay kits that feature instruction for a self-guided clay experience. Both offerings have the option to include low-fire clay and a set of engobes (colored slips), firings at NCC, and a guide to setting up a space for clay in your home.

No clay-specific tools? No problem! All classes and lessons can be accomplished with everyday utensils and objects. To learn more about Clay-Along options, click HERE.

Clay-Along Classes

Beginning the week of May 18, Clay-Along Class offerings will explore the compelling potential and versatility of creating with clay at home. Reunite (virtually) with your clay-mates for weekly, live instruction via Zoom where experienced teaching artists will give demonstrations and guide you through different projects and techniques. Classes will run for an hour and a half each week for five weeks. Between meetings, learn from online resources and connect and discuss with others via Google Classroom. With a variety of experience levels and creative offerings — all tailored to be accomplished in a simple home studio — we are sure to have a class that is enticing and accessible to you.

No materials? No problem! You can select an optional materials kit that includes a guide to setting up an at-home clay space, 25 lbs of low-fire clay (choice of Low-fire Red: a smooth terracotta body; or Raku: a grittier, off-white body), a set of engobes (colored slips) and firings at NCC. If you have everything you need already, just select the content-only version. The details of kit pick-up and work drop-off at NCC will be communicated to you with your registration. We can’t wait for you to Clay-Along with us!