They Clay Community coming together!

Join us on June 26th to help raise funds for NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund in leading the fight for racial injustice.

ClayAKAR and Artists are working together  to donate 100% of the proceeds from this event. Your purchases will help the NAACP fund’s mission to achieve racial justice, equality and an inclusive society. Learn more about this fund at

Participating Artists: Dan Anderson, Posey Bacopoulos, Noel Bailey, Ben Bates, Casey Beck, Aaron Becker, Nick Bernard, Ashley Bevington, Andy Bissonnette, Karl Borgeson, Wayne Branum, Nathan Bray, Cynthia Bringle, Rebecca Chappell, Victoria Christen, Sam Chung, Elaine Coleman, Tom Coleman, Michael Connelly, David Crane, Guillermo Cuellar, Jessica Danbrook, Nicholas Danielson, Carrie Day, Nick DeVries, Josh DeWeese, Rachel Donner, Adrienne Eliades, Sanam Emami, Carole Epp, Paul Eshelman, Douglas Fitch, Jil Franke, Stuart Gair, Julia Galloway, Chase Gamblin, Chris Gustin, Perry Haas, Eric Heerspink, Mike Helke, Zak Helenske, Autumn Higgins, Steven Hill, Rick Hintze, Sam Hoffman, Al Holen, Harlan House, Peter Jadoonath, Tom Jaszczak, Brian Jones, Terri Kern, Bradley Klem, Karin Kraemer, Tim Lake, Justin Lambert, Heesoo Lee, Steve Lee, Dick Lehman, Simon Levin, Becky Lloyd, Kirk Lyttle, Hannah McAndrew, Lorna Meaden, Branan Mercer, Ron Meyers, Nikki Mizak, Ted Neal, Jeff Oestreich, Brent Pafford, Liz Pechacek, Malia Peoples, Ron Philbeck, Kyle Rees, Akira Satake, Brad Schwieger, Melanie Sherman, Mitchell Spain, Alex Thomure, James Tingey, Tara Underwood, Benj Upchurch, Momoko Usami, Alea Walter, Holly Walker, Julie Weber, Zachary Wollert and Shumpei Yamaki.

online workshops with Deb Schwartzkopf

Coffee (or Tea) & Clay – SIX WEEKS Series
Mondays June 1st-July 6th at 1PM PST/ 4pm EST/ 9PM CET – Duration: 2 hours with Q&A
Anyone who registers for all six, in the Coffee & Clay series,
will receive a
$50 Off Coupon Code for Deb’s Online Pottery Shop.

June 15th, Week Three: Creamers ( Link for Registration ) $35
June 22nd, Week Four: Sugar Jars ( Link for Registration ) $35
June 29th & July 6th, Weeks Five & Six: Teapots ( Link for Registration ) $65 for both days

Join this multi-Monday workshop as we take a deep dive into cups, sugar creamers, pour-overs, and teapots/ coffee service items! There will be demos on both wheel throwing and handbuilding options. Chat in your questions during this live streamed series. You will have access to the videos until the end of July, so don’t worry about missing a live session… Watch then at your own speed in the comfort of your studio or easy chair! Both wheel throwing and hand building techniques will be showcased! Come join the fun!

Creative Pottery – Chapter by Chapter Seminar Series ( Coming Soon! ) Probably beginning July 1st.
My new book is almost here! June 2nd it should be on shelves… Purchase Now!
I am going to talk through each section and project with participants in this multi-day seminar. Some days there will be presentations about inspirations in powerpoint/conversation format. Other days will be more demo focused. Come along with me on this journey through my book – Creative Pottery: InnovativeTechniques and Experimental Designs in Thrown and Handbuilt Ceramics.

Work Along Workshops – LIVE-Streamed online via Zoom

Hang & Handbuild: Vases ( Coming Soon! )
Thursday Evenings at 5pm
Join this one hour workshop where you will be led step by step in making a vase using slabs.
You will need to supply your own tools and clay. Please prepare your clay ahead of time with that you can work alongside Deb as she constructs.


online workshop with Madoda Fani and Andile Dyalvane

Please join us this Coming Monday 22June 2020 14:00 South African time. – please see Details below. ??

Madoda Fani and Andile Dyalvane’s twenty year old friendship is a testament to brotherhood and one that celebrates a passion for clay. Fani focuses on various coiling techniques and finishes he incorporates in his practice while Dyalvane supports with enquiry in this workshop.

Born in 1975, Madoda Fani grew up in Gugulethu township in Cape Town and discovered his love of clay as a fine art student at Sivuyile College. He worked as a ceramic painter in various pottery studios, gradually developing his own pieces and style. In 2000, his work was selected for the Salon Internationale de l’Artisanat de Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. There he met the ceramicist Simon Masilo, who introduced him to smoke-firing. In 2009, he moved to Johannesburg and began to deepen his craft at the Kim Sacks School of Ceramics. He learned how to burnish clay with a stone from Jabu Nala, the daughter of legendary Zulu beer–pot maker Nesta Nala, and mastered smoke-firing techniques under the guidance of Nic Sithole.

Who is it for

For anyone interested in working with clay, curious about the creative processes and willing to learn. Artists, designers and creative communities who want to expand their knowledge of ceramics and those who want to experience clay meditations.

What you need

You need not have any previous knowledge albeit jargon familiarity may come in handy when questions are asks by the audience. An eagerness to discover the creative process of ceramics is essential.

Materials Needed: Attention and your hands, a notebook or sketchbook, pencil, clay, air dry clay or play dough, a round wooden board (bread board size will do) or round bat.