Deadline March 30, 2021

The purpose of the scholarship is to advance and encourage residency opportunities for artists in printmaking, drawing, filmmaking/videography, painting, and ceramics.

What the scholarship covers:

  • Award: Two-week residency and lodging for 14 days and some supplies (see below).

  • Eligible candidates are artists over 18 years old.

  • Artists concentrating in printmaking will be given precedence by the reviewers. Painters, ceramists and filmmakers/videographers are encouraged to apply for this award also. Scholarships will be granted on quality and content of the artwork, intended project and artist statements.

  • Media that is eligible to be considered for this award:

1.     Print Media – All types will be considered but SkopArt does not have the facilities for lithography or screen-printing.*

2.     Painting of any media, on any surface (may be combined with print media). 

3.     Book Art, film/video animation (may be combined with print media).

4.     Ceramics.*

What the scholarship does not cover:

  • Travel costs and meals (food and drink).

  • Some supplies depending on the requirement of the artist (see below).

*If an artist would like to utilize the printmaking or ceramics facilities, they must have adequate experience in the medium.

The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts has some supplies in ceramics, printmaking and painting. If you plan on making videos or films, you must bring your own equipment. Be aware that certain items based on your medium are not included. We have some water-based printmaking inks, oil-based printmaking inks, low-fire ceramics and some acrylic and oil paints. When you have been informed that you are a grant recipient, we will further discuss your needs.


Full information about The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts can be found HERE.