movie day: Act VII Revelation (Pippin Drysdale and Warrick Palmateer)

Act VII ‘Revelation’ is the final act of a seven part series, created by film maker Matthew Bettinaglio, that explores Palmateer’s collaboration with Western Australian brick manufacturer, Brikmakers, as he builds the Meridian Arc series, 2018′. Act VII reveals the culmination of the making process by documenting the successful firing of 2 vessels for the Meridian Arc Series in one of Brikmakers 170 metre tunnel kilns. Act VII ‘Revelation’ forms part of the exhibition titled “Confluence”.

Confluence brings together the ceramic artworks of Pippin Drysdale and Warrick Palmateer, exploring their unique collaboration and showcasing distinctive new bodies of work from each artist.

Confluence is on show at the John Curtin Gallery from 28 September to 2 December 2018.

movie day: Kumbharwaada | A film on Pottery | Gujarat

Kumbharwada. Potter hood.
This video is a tribute to the craft of pottery. It wishes to celebrate the potters, their lives, their homes, their ethics, their family ties and mostly their art.
According to them, they are among the last few generations of potters in India. They learnt their art from their elders but believe that their children will have a better future without the hardwork that they themselves do.
Making clay pots is a time consuming and tiring process, they say, with smiles on their faces.

movie day: Kukuli Velarde Lecture

Kukuli Velarde is a Peruvian artist based in Philadelphia whose confrontational work speaks to racism, colonialism, inequality, gender, body politics and the destruction of indigenous identity. With wry wit and irreverent humor, she skewers the oppressor and gives voice to those made invisible. Leah Ollman of the L.A. Times writes, β€œVelarde makes serious sport of the derogatory traits assigned to her forebears, exaggerating displays of fear or passivity, roughness or disobedience. She sculpts with the vengeance of self-determination.”

This ART 158 lecture series event took place September 19, 2018, in the University of Utah Art & Art History Building, Salt Lake City, UT. Made possible through the generous support of the Carmen Morton Christensen Endowment, the Department of Art & Art History, and the College of Fine Arts.