technical tuesday: Slip Displacement

Loved this simple but super helpful trick that master plaster mold maker and bone china queen Noriko Masuda posted on her Instagram feed yesturday. She ran out of casting slip part way through the cast so added the mug to displace the liquid. Seems so obvious but in my years slip casting I didn’t think of it!

Check out more of her work here.

technical tuesday: a must read about envy and ego

Some of you might remember fondly laughing in the audience as Jerry Saltz (@jerrysaltz) delivered his memorable Keynote speak at NCECA a few years ago. I see him as quite the quotable man at different points in my life and was taken by the following article by Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) (author of Steal Like An Artist) on the subject of envy for creatives which references a interview with Jerry as well. It’s a different type of “technical tuesday” on the blog I guess, one that asks us to be introspective,  but one we can all likely still learn from and think about in the studio today. I like to at least think i’m not the only one that feels creative jealousy and envy. If you can get through the day without feeling envious, well then I’m envious of you for that as well : )

Here’s to turning that envy into creativity.

“Nietzsche thought of envy as a confused but important signal from our deeper selves about what we really want. Everything that makes us envious is a fragment of our true potential, which we disown at our peril. We should learn to study our envy forensically, keeping a diary of envious moments, and then sift through episodes to discern the shape of a future, better self…. The envy we don’t own up to will otherwise end up emitting what Nietzsche called ‘sulfurous odours.’ Bitterness is envy that doesn’t understand itself.” (source)

Here’s the link to the full article by Austin Kleon: