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Upcoming Show I Yunomi Invitational 2013 I
Opens April 19, 10:00 AM CST
Yunomi Invitational 2011
Upcoming Show: April 19 – May 17
Yunomi Invitational 2013 (Online Only!) 

Yunomi (U-know-me)- A form of tea bowl, usually being taller than it
is wide, with a trimmed or turned foot. 
Unlike the formal chawan tea
bowl used during the Japanese tea ceremony, the Yunomi tea bowl is made
daily (or informal) tea drinking.

Welcome to our yearly tradition…

This exclusively
online event is now in its seventh year of delighting potters and clay
lovers alike; the Yunomi Invitational 
is one of the our most diverse,
colorful, and entertaining shows to date. Invitations were sent out in
mid-July of 2012; 
with many immediate responses the list became more
clear with each passing day. Finally the roster was complete with 
ceramic artists delivering over 1,000 Yunomi. The Invitational includes
ceramic artists from legends to emerging artists, 
living in Iowa City to
Sweden, using everything from porcelain to terra cotta, and even
Yunomi that come with boxes, lids 
and pedestals. From the minimalist to
illustrative with flora, fauna and geometric
patterns and text, this annual invitational 
gives us an extraordinary
glimpse into contemporary artists’ interpretation of a Yunomi. This
year’s show has over 
2,060 photos of Yunomi alone and as with any AKAR
show, accompanying artist biographies, statements and resumes 
included. While this appears daunting in task, it truly has been a labor
of love for all of us here at the gallery.

Contributions to The Studio Potter:

the fifth consecutive year, participating artists have elected to
donate proceeds of their sales to the The Studio 
Potter, a non-profit
organization dedicated to all things clay. Yunomi with the The Studio
Potter logo have been 
designated as to-be-donated Yunomi sales. We are
thrilled to once again support our very good friends at The 

How to View the Work:

This show is viewable online ONLY. So this Friday, April 19th at 10:00 AM Central Time all the Yunomi will be viewable awww.akardesign.com

Upcoming at AKAR

Next Show:
Silvie Granatelli & David Crane

Friday is the opening of Virginia potters Silvie Granatelli and David
Crane’s show. Both are part of “16 Hands”, a group of eight artists
living in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia. Even
though they come from the same community, their work is very different,
even down to the basics. Silvie’s work is gas fired porcelain, while
David’s pieces are salt fired stoneware. Yet their ceramic work
compliments each other side by side in our gallery and would look just
as great in your home.

Next Featured Artist:
David Eichelberger
Eichelberger, former student of both David Crane and Silvie Granatelli
at Virginia Polytechnic and State University, is the Featured Artist
this month. David currently resides in Nebraska where he received his
MFA and now creates his functional pottery. David uses visual rhythms
and exaggerated proportions to create work that is intended to make the
viewer pause. One of his goals is to quietly challenge our preconceived
notions and expectations.

Next New Work:
Nicole Aquillano

Work artist for March is Nicole Aquillano. Nicole showed here at AKAR
for the first time in 2012 and we couldn’t wait to get more work from
her. She recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with
an MFA in Ceramics and now lives and works in Boston. Nicole is
influenced by her longing of home which is evident in her porcelain
pieces. Each piece is intended for the table and has intricate black
slip inlay images of familiar architectural structures.

Silvie Granatelli and David Crane’s show opens on Friday,
March 29th, at 9:30 AM in the Iowa City gallery and online at 10:00 AM
CST. View the show at www.akardesign.com.

April Upcoming Show:
2013 Yunomi Invitational
that time of year again! April 19th is our 7th Annual Yunomi
Invitational! As always, each of our 200 artists sent 5 yunomi each.
What exactly is a yunomi you might ask? Pronounced “you know me” is a
teabowl without a handle, slightly taller than wide, and with a trimmed
foot. Even with these requirements, it’s amazing the variety of cups
that are sent out way. Because of the massive size of this show, it is
ONLINE ONLY, opening at 10:00 AM CST on April 19th. Like us on Facebook
“sneak peeks” of the show!
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