A Show of Heads II, Curated by Jacob Foran

Featuring new works by: Doug Jeck, Judy Fox, Cristina Cordova, Tip Toland, Arthur Gonzalez, Tom Bartel, Roxanne Jackson, Thaddeus Erdahl, Tanya Batura, and Jacob Foran

A Concurrent Independent Exhibition on the occasion of the 46th annual conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts.

When: March 26th- March 31, 2012

Reception Friday March 30th 6-9pm

Hours: M, W, Th 9am-5p

Tues, Friday 9am-9p

Sat. 10am-5p

Where: Seattle Design Center

Suite 292

5701 6th Ave S

Seattle, WA 98101


The human head provides the obvious link between the work of 10 prominent ceramic sculptors featured in “A Show of Heads II” at the Seattle Design Center, in Seattle, WA, March 26th – March 31st, 2012. A more subtle unifying factor is the way in which these artists employ the head in their sculptures: essentially as a departure point for inquiry into thorny issues of human social identity, psychology and, ultimately, mortality. Where beauty arises in the exhibition it is tempered by frank acknowledgment of the liabilities inherent in the human condition. Where humor emerges, it tends to be black. Works by Tom Bartel, Tanya Batura, Roxanne Jackson and Tip Toland invoke the vulnerability of the physical body to aging, disease and arrest of such vital processes as hearing. Arthur Gonzales, Jacob Foran, and Thaddeus Erdahl reflect upon the psychological struggle fundamental to self-inquiry and the attempt to know other human beings. Cristina Cordova and Doug Jeck ponder the pathos of idealism undermined by reality, and Judy Fox insinuates the elusiveness of the inner peace promised by spiritual enlightenment. In this exhibition, curator Jacob Foran has succeeded in summarizing a deeply contemplative, psychologically introspective current in contemporary figural ceramic sculpture.

~ Glen R. Brown

For more information please contact:

Name: Jacob Foran

Phone: 217.520.2852

Email: jacobforan@gmail.com

Website: www.jacobforan.com