A Tile and a Vessel Exhibit: Call for entry

The CLAY 2013 International Juried Exhibition, A Tile & A Vessel,
will focus on a unique pairing: a tile and a vessel. The dynamic
between these two clay pieces is intriguing. The tile, typically
two-dimensional in nature, has the opportunity to express itself even
further through the three-dimensionality of the vessel. The vessel,
traditionally referring to a container, must exist in unison with the
tile. They must relate, play off of each other, and be unified in some
element of design.
Deadline for Entry: April 30, 2013
Date of Exhibition: August 2-3-4, 2013
Location of Exhibition: Silver City, New Mexico
Juror: Christy Johnson, Director of the American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMOCA)
First Place: $1000.00
Second Place: $750.00
Third Place: $500.00
Tile Heritage Prize: $200.00