Upcoming workshop – Adrian Arleo

March 5-6: Adrian Arleo – Transformations
Having worked with the human form for more than 25 years, I’ve figured out a few problem solving techniques and a lot of dos and don’ts. This two-day workshop will be chockfull of demonstrations for coil building the figure, and various surface finishes, both low-fired and non-fired . Anatomical perfection will not be addressed; rather, the demonstrations will focus on building techniques: how to use a base and rod for building tall standing figures, how to begin a seated figure, how to make a head and facial features, how to keep forms from slumping, caving in or cracking. If you’ve had a recurring technical problem, bring it up and we’ll try to remedy it.
The second half of the workshop will be about developing surface textures
and experimenting with different tools and found objects. I’ll share the low-fire glazes that I use, and discuss application techniques. Layering of Terra sigillata is a surface finish we’ll demonstrate, Non-fired paints can add amazing richness to ceramic forms; wax encaustic and casein (milk paint) are favorites that will be talked about as well. Registration form is available here