movie day: The Potter from Turquoise Mountain

The Potter from Turquoise Mountain on Vimeo.

Abdul Matin is a potter from the village of
Istalif. Nestled in the foothills of the Hindu Kush, Istalif is home to a
pottery tradition stretching back over 400 years. Using traditional
techniques, materials and designs, Matin is keeping Afghanistan’s
pottery traditions alive. As a teacher at the Turquoise Mountain
Institute in Kabul he passes on his knowledge to Afghanistan’s next
generation of craftsmen, and as a businessman he sells his pottery all
over the world, from London to Dubai. This video tells his extraordinary

Abdul Matin is supported by Turquoise Mountain, a charity
regenerating the Old City of Kabul and reviving the Afghan Crafts
Industry. To check out the work of other Afghan artisans like Matin