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An Exploration of Wood-fired Ceramics from Japan and the Pacific Northwest

investigates the similarities and differences between
various wood-fired kilns in two regions of the Pacific: the Pacific
Northwestern United States and the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan.

than 15 kilns and over 50 artists will be represented in the show,
including special guests Masafumi Onishi and Yuki Ogami from the Tamba
Pottery in Japan. Pacific Northwest artists include:

Tennent, Chris Baskin, Chuck Hindes, Eric Nelson, Frank Boyden, Hiroshi
Ogawa, Joe Davis, Natalie Warrens, Peter Olson, Stephen Mickey, Steve
Sauer and many more. Explore all of the work and engage with many of the
artists at our opening reception:
  • Friday February 6th
  • 6:00-9:00
  • Eutectic Gallery- 1930 NE Oregon Street
pottery of Tamba, known as “Tambayaki,” has an elegant simplicity and
understated beauty resonating from its calm simple lines. The hues of
Tambayaki are drawn from the iron bearing clay by the flames of
traditional Anagama and the Noborigama (kilns). The colors range from
stunning reds, to earthen oranges and browns, and even dark sooty black.
The melted ash that settles on the pottery in the process adds a glassy
green highlight to the work.

Meet Masafumi Onishi and Yuki Ogami 

Don’t Miss Our Mid-show Reception in March

In March we’ll welcome Tsuyoshi Uenaka, also from the Tamba Pottery in
Japan, to Portland for the mid-show reception. Stop by on Friday March 6th to meet him and talk about his work. Plus we’ll have a new show in
Eutectic’s Back Room Gallery, curated by OCAC student Jordan Pieper.