call for entry: Cup – The Intimate Object XIII

This fall Charlie Cummings Gallery will be hosting Cup: The Intimate Object XIII, the thirteenth installment of our iconic annual cup show. This year the exhibition will once again be an invitational and juried exhibition showing five cups from each participant, and will be online only. We are pleased to invite artists to submit cups for consideration for this exhibition celebrating the most intimate and beloved of functional ceramic objects. To submit your cups for consideration for this exhibition, please email the following to by midnight, August 5th, 2017:

Part 1 – In the body of the email include:
1. Your full contact information including email, telephone, and website address.

2. A guide to the images you submit with title, type of clay, type of firing, forming process, and retail price. Please identify the entries using the naming format listed above.

Part 2 – Attachments:
1. Five (5) medium resolution images of the 5 actual cups you would like to send for the exhibition. Named using the following format- LastnameFirstname_01.jpg, LastnameFirstname_02.jpg… Please note capitalization. No detail shots please.

2. Your resume or CV in PDF format.

There is no jury fee associated with this call for submissions. Please read carefully, incomplete or incorrect submissions will not be considered.

Exhibition calendar and details:
August 5 – Submission deadline
August 6-12 – Notifications sent

August 25 – Cups Ship-by Deadline

September 1 – Cups due at gallery -no late cups will be accepted
October 7-November 3
Cup: The Intimate Object XIII online
October 20 – sold cups turned off on website
December after Christmas sales season 2017 – Cups returned
Artist pays shipping and insurance for shipment to gallery and for return of unsold work.
Gallery insures cups while on the premises.
Gallery actively advertises and promotes the exhibition.
CCG takes a 50% commission on all sales.

Send questions (not submissions) to

Submission guidelines can also be found on our website under Gallery Submissions here.