Layered: Collaborations by Simon Levin & Amy Smith

Levin and Amy Smith are two artists that AKAR has represented
individually and then together in group invitationals with their
collaborative sets. On July 11th they will have a solo show entitled, Layered: Collaborations by Simon Levin & Amy Smith.

NE artist Amy Smith and Gresham, WI artist Simon Levin have been
working individually in their studios, but jointly in concept. Shipping
work back and forth, they design pieces that are compelling and
articulate, that remain independent, yet enhance each other, creating a
whole that is greater.

This is a true dialogue between pieces, a literal back
and forth of making, refining and developing, a conceptual and formal
evolution evidenced in the paired pieces, where visions combine while
the essence of each is upheld, creating something new, unexpected and

Amy’s calming porcelain pieces are cold and crisp while
Simon’s wood fired work is full of dramatic surface, but what they have
in common is the showcasing of raw clay. Once their pieces are paired
they reflect off each other and create something surprising and
beautiful. Amy and Simon’s collaborative pairings are unique not only
because of the contrast within their sets, but unlike most
collaborations these two have never worked on the same piece or even
step foot in the same studio.

Layered: Collaborations by Simon Levin & Amy Smith
opens this Friday, July 11th, at 9:30 AM in the Iowa City gallery and
online at 10:00 AM CST. View the show at