The “Lowdown” on what’s been happening in and around the musing neighborhood lately.

I guess holiday season is just bound to be a busy time for artisans, no getting around it. There is a part of me that likes the pressure of deadlines looming and late nights frantically working in the studio. I feel like I’m buzzing at a different level of productivity, one that somehow makes me feel more alive while at the same time burning me right out!

So in my madness I signed up for 3 holiday sales, one of which I’m also helping to organize. Not too bad, well if it weren’t for the fact that I’m 7 month pregnant : ) It’s all good though. I reckon I’ll get the sympathy vote at the sales when I can barely stand to pack peoples purchases.

So here’s some details of where you can find me in the next month or so:

November 25th-27th – Artisans Fine Craft Market

December 3rd to 5th – Sundog Arts Fair
You can find my booth over by the stage – good lord help us all this might be what pushes me over the edge! : )

December 9th & 10th – Winter Wonders Handmade Market

Okay so that’s it for markets, but while I’m on this self promotion rank I really want to tell you about a show I’m in that’s opening right away. I’m super honored and well still kinda in disbelief to be honest to have been invited to exhibit as part of “The LowDown: Tales from the Margin” exhibition.

Here’s some info directly from the Kipp Gallery Website:

The Low Down:Tales from the MarginThis is a traveling exhibition showcasing the work of seven contemporary ceramists. The exhibition is curated by Kipp Gallery Director, Kyle Houser in collaboration with Gallery Coordinator, Jill Foote-Hutton from the Red Lodge Clay Center in Red Lodge, Montana. Each artist selected for this exhibition is exemplar of contemporary ceramics, which is both honest and current, reflecting narratives that are personal and shared, abstract and implied. The concept began with a volley of ideas and artists, until a group emerged who consistently generate objects that toy with definitions and tease visual, historical and/or technical boundaries. Another key factor in the selection process was an intent to extol the achievements of artists generating their main body of work within low temperature ranges. In joining a fluid notion of narrative, the parameter of temperature and a lineup of artists with diverse audience appeal and experience we hope to illuminate the provocative activity along a specific periphery of the field. The Low Down: Tales from the Margin is a celebration of the creative exploitation possible with electric coils and eutectic compositions. Exhibiting artists: Jason Burnett, Carole Epp, Julie Goyot, Alex Kraft, Max Lehman, Mellissa Mytty, Nick Ramey. The exhibition will originate here at IUP in the Fall of 2011 and travel to Red Lodge Clay Center in the Spring of 2012. eh? I’m so excited to be exhibiting alongside these amazing artists. I only wish I could see the show in person. I reckon it’ll be great so if you can make it to one of the locations to check it out please do.
You can read more about the show, plus get a sneak peak of some of the work on Kyle Houser’s blog homefry sketchbook.I’ll be posting some images of my works in the show here on the blog once the show opens. In the meantime I’ll share with you a piece that didn’t quite make it. (thank you customs and you’re incredible inability to repack artwork! Maybe homeland security was a little worried about her chainsaw…)Oh and one last thing – I know lots of self promoting today, my apologies! – but I just wanted to mention in case you haven’t noticed that I’ve set up a musing about mud facebook page which you can visit to get even more ceramic related content and eye candy for inspiration. I’m still trying to post as much info as I can here on the blog, but the reality is that there is so much relevant content out there that I can’t find the time to post it all. Having the facebook page helps to quickly link to websites of interest and amazing photo albums of clay objects and sometimes interesting dialogues on facebook. Please stop by for a visit and “like” the page. Thanks for your time, that’s enough self promotion for one day, enjoy the rest of your weekend!Cheers,

Oh dear…

is it Friday already? Oh dear indeed. I just realized I haven’t posted since tuesday and have no site 2 see friday post for you all today either. Sadly it a sign of where my head is at these days. Craft sale mode. We got buried in with snow all day yesturday which is going to make my car packing and uploading today a bit hectic and well, bloody cold and wet. Hopefully the crowds of shoppers won’t stay home.

Today is sale number 3 of 5 and it’s a big one. I’m honored to be included in this year’s Artisans. There’s going to be so much great stuff there it’ll be hard not to spend my hard earned dollars. Do stop by if you’re in the area.

And I promise i’ll stop being a blog slacker as soon as craft sale season is over….