Artist of the Day: Lori Leaumont

My name’s Lori Leaumont, I’m 29, and I’m a ceramic artist/potter originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, now living in Indianapolis. I’ve got a big ol’ fancy BFA in Ceramics from the Herron School of Art and Design at Indiana University, which is where I met my weirdo punk husband Nich. I make stuff out of clay, and I’m working towards doing pottery as a living full time, but I’m trying to content myself with learning as much as I can and knowing that making stuff everyday is pretty cool, even if I have to eat ramen to do it.

I create a lot of cups, which is sort of an obsession of mine (hence my blog title, 15 Painted Cups). I lean mostly towards making functional art – I love well designed tableware and things that enhance your everyday life. I occasionally make things that are more conceptual, but I can’t help but laugh at myself a little when things get too deep – who am I kidding? I can’t even keep my shoes tied half the time, so who am I to comment on the ills of society? My conceptual work is usually concerned with my own life experiences, my struggles with mental health and being bipolar, and things like memory and emotion. I have a background in painting, so I draw and paint a lot on my surfaces as well. I keep a process journal on my blog at

(this piece got accepted to the Skutt Kiln Peep Show! Check it out at NCECA!)

15 Painted Cups: My art blog, where I draw on stuff on an (almost) daily basis.
Fanfare and Foofaraw: My Etsy Store
Trickypink on Deviant Art: Miscellaneous Art/Everything all of the time

I know what you’re all thinking….

February’s artist of the day feature came and went too quickly. I agree. It’s always so nice to have such gorgeous eye candy everyday. I can’t thank all of the amazing artists who submitted their work enough! It was such a pleasure to share your work with all the readers of musing.

But don’t dismay my dear readers, the eye candy is going to continue on for a wee bit longer. See I got more than 28 submissions and so artist of the day will continue until I run out of submitted work to show you. So for all of those that have submitted work and have yet to have seen it posted, your day is still coming! Hurray for more artist of the day!

And now on to today’s bit of gorgeous:

Artist of the Day: David Carlsson

Artist´s statement

In my artistic work I am often interested in contrasts and combinations. It could be things like dream and reality, aim and result ore repetition and breaks. I frequently return to the everyday as a subject were I am fascinated by routines as well as the wish to get away from them. I want to tell stories through clay and ceramic references and I´m aiming for an equivocal state in my works where I like to both embrace and criticize, answer and wonder in the same object.

Artist of the Day: Donna Herrick

(Paul Leather photo credit this image only)

I tried, I honestly tried to stay away from clay after art school. But there was no avoiding it! I am hooked on clay, and I happily spend my time in my studio handbuilding and slipcasting. Most of my work is finished by smoke firing.

You can see what I am up to by logging on to my website

Artist of the Day: Priscilla Mouritzen

All the pinched bowls are the same size: hand-sized – as is demanded by the pinching process. They show all the variety and movement which porcelain clay allows and which the vagaries of wood firing embellishes them with. At the same time their inate ”pinched” quality gives them life and liveliness. The works show an exploration of pattern in which echoes of my childhood in Africa can be detected.