monday morning eye candy: Sandra G. Storey and Margriet Aasman


From the Arts Underground website:

“Sandra’s statement: My practice usually keeps me solitary. Conversations go on internally and choices are made without external input. The Doll Show as we began to call it was a completely different adventure. Taking on the role of mentor, choosing to work towards a joint exhibition and making dolls? Stepping out of my comfort zone has never been so rewarding. The technical challenges of using a variety of materials and how to connect them has both informed and delighted me. Sharing my love of clay with a talented and dedicated emerging artist has deepened my understanding of the medium as well as instilling the confidence to explore pushing the boundaries of my own creativity in ways I would not have thought of before. As for dolls? Well, playing with dolls is just plain fun.

Margriet’s statement: By way of my wonderful career with Aasman Brand Communications, I know how much better I can be as a creative individual through teamwork. Missing colleagues, and needing help to master a brand new medium, I looked for a mentor. I have been so blessed to find one here in the Yukon, in the person of Sandra Storey. This show is about our special relationship, breaking down barriers to learning the technical skills, problem solving creative solutions, and stepping out of our comfort zone to push creative concepts. Developing our show based on dolls, from our personal experiences and perceptions to creative projections, has been so much fun! Although I love what was created, it is really about the process and a daily focus on living a purposely creative life.

Sandra is a clay sculptor who was born and raised in Whitehorse Yukon. She graduated with distinction from Emily Carr School of Art in Vancouver. Sandra spent many years traveling by sailboat and lived for twelve years in New Zealand where she became a teacher of art and opened Burning Issues glass and ceramic gallery in Whangarei. In 2006 she returned to the Yukon and settled at Tagish Lake. Sandra is a full time sculptor who draws her inspiration from the boreal forest, it’s animals and the mythology that surrounds them.

Margriet has been a Yukoner for almost 40 years. She has worked for much of that time as graphic designer, creative director and brand strategist in the agency she founded with her husband Al. Three years ago she chose to invest her creative energies in non-commercial work. This freed her to follow her passion for sketching, painting and three-dimensional artwork. Ultimately, she focused her attention on the discipline that has always been near to her heart, clay sculpture. Even so, her family, including eight beautiful grandkids, all living in the Yukon, remains the most important focus in her life.”

Exhibition on until October 28, 2017