show us your influences – guest post by Avesha DeWolfe

#1&2 are Leigh Wen:  The line & meditative qualities of her
work are so inspiring to me. She can capture the sea in a squiggle better than
any other artist out there!

#3 is Simon Van der Ven: Just look at it! The delicacy, the
patience, & the skill required to create this work is outstanding and
something to aspire to.
#4 is Sandi Pierantozzi:
I’ve always been inspired by the whimsy &
movement of Sandi’s work- that and the fact that she uses slabs rather than the
wheel…I just love that!

#5 & 6 are me:

my life the sea has been a source of peace, reflection, fascination,
endless inspiration. I have spent countless hours on or beside it in the
meditations of beach combing or listening to the movement of the water.
Through form, surface treatment & glazing I hope for my sculpture
functional work to reflect some of my favorite qualities of the sea, as
well as
my life-long enchantment with it.

Instagram: @spiraltidepottery