Toronto Potters 16th Biennial Juried Exhibition

Ontario Crafts Council Gallery
990 Queen Street West, Toronto

Toronto Potters is a non-profit association with an
extensive history of member dedication that has run its programming,
presence and community support for over 33 years. Its current membership
consists of approximately 90 active ceramic makers, whose backgrounds
and aesthetic interests reflect the diversity of the city in which the
association was formed. Through Toronto Potters, members have a platform
to share their skills, as well as stimulate and foster their individual
interests in working with clay. Members benefit from monthly meetings,
presentations and demonstrations, as well as retail shows and a website
that showcases their work. In addition, Toronto Potters is exceptionally
proud to present its 16th Biennial Juried Exhibition.

As one of the highlights of membership, the exhibition takes
place every two years. Work is submitted for review by an invitational
jury, and selected based on technical merit, originality and creative
expression. This year there are seven awards given to members for
outstanding work. Overall, through the public display of work,
accompanied by a print catalogue, the biennial juried exhibition is an
esteemed opportunity for members to showcase their creative skills.

This exhibition serves as a sampling of the myriad ways in
which ceramic material can be manipulated, as well as the commitment and
passion through which these objects have been conceived and created.

The Toronto Potters 16th Biennial Exhibition was
juried by Susan Collett and Gord Thompson, both professionals in the
greater ceramic community. Through an intensive jury process, they
selected 26 works by 21 members. With white walls and gallery
spotlights, and far removed from the messy studio environments in which
they took shape, each of these 26 works has the ability to compel the
viewer. The pieces will pique interest in process as they flaunt the
maker’s technical skills, and will prompt questions, as well as simple
enjoyment. Toronto Potters invites you to experience the 16th Biennial
Juried Exhibition, and to experience the work that members have to

The Toronto Potters 16th Biennial Juried Exhibition is supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

Images: Eden Danielle Bender, Bird in the Hand, Paper clay-mixed media surface; Barbara Banfield, Oil and Vinegar Set, Porcelain and stoneware; Mary McKenzie, Comfort, Ceramic, wood chair, electric firing; Deborah Freeman, Cup ‘n’ Caddy, Stoneware and Porcelain.