Bazaart tomorrow

Well the prediction is for rain and thunderstorms, but what can you do? Rain or shine i’ll be at Bazaart tomorrow. If you’re in the area and can stop by, please do!

Saturday, June 18, 2011 | Sponsored by SaskTel | 10 am – 5 pm | Admission: $5
Bazaart takes place in front of the MacKenzie Art Gallery and T. C. Douglas Building parking lot at the corner of Albert Street and 23rd Avenue. Parking is located north of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, just off Albert St., Regina Saskatchewan.
For more info on Bazaart and all the participating artists please visit their website.

Yah but does it match my couch?

Ahh market days….good and bad for so many reasons. I think I always start off the day full of hope, have that hope shattered quickly as the booth next door sells out of their 4 dollar brown bowls, but then at the end of the day, light at the end of the tunnel in the form of some level of financial success and a pocket full of compliments to take back to the studio to help inspire the drive to make more work.

All in all it’s worth it. Even if there are those moments when you ponder your existence as someone tests out how well their pen will fit into your cup you’ve been designing for 5 years….but then i remind myself that to put a pot to use, regardless of the use is what it’s about and why not have a beautiful pen holder?

There will always be those customers that only want a french butter dish no matter what it looks like, or those that will tell you to your face that you charge too much for your work. This market I also found myself having to explain one too many times why ceramics and pottery are the same thing…sigh.

But the repeat customers, the young couples pondering just the right vase to add to their collection, the joy of seeing people excited about your work makes the long hours, the messy house, the neglected children, the many nights of rice and pasta, the life of an artist, all worth the while. Many thanks to all who made it to Bazaart this weekend.

Hope to see you again next year! xoxo