emerging artist: Chris Hudson


Each of us has a personal history that we carry
with us. We also share a social history. These histories are a direct
reflection and response to our surroundings. I am interested in the way our
memories of our personal past and social past impact our attitudes, and how
they manifest into different
feelings. I am directly inspired by the people around me in my everyday life. I
often use them as direct characters in my work. I dress them up as bears and
use them as my actors to play out specific scenes that have affected me and
stuck in my mind. I like to believe that the legacy of
the people I feature in my work will carry on through time. Each of my objects
represents a single picture of a single story. The story may be short or long,
simple or complex, but each story interweaves with every other.  The
meaning of the single frame I represent may be understood, or lost, depending
on the viewer’s own memories, both social and personal. Together I hope the
frames will weave new stories, with new links to the viewer’s worlds. Thus expanding their knowledge
or emotional response to their own lives and symbolically their surroundings.