This is so insanely awesomely fantastic.

Beth Katleman:

Folly January 20 – February 17, 2011 Jane Hartsook Gallery
16 Jones Street
New York, NY Recently profiled in the New York Times, Folly is an installation of three-dimensional porcelain “wallpaper,” filled with dark humor. Forty-eight white porcelain landscapes float against a polite turquoise wall, surrounded by an explosion of leaves and flowers. Upon closer inspection the narratives take a mischevious turn: bridesmaids behave badly, ducklings tumble off waterfalls and reindeer answer nature’s porcelain call… The miniature landscapes include water features, topiaries, architectural follies, figurines and toys from the flea market. Inspired by the florid designs of 18th century wallpaper, Folly explores themes of consumption and desire. Click here to read the full interview in the New York Times: Press ReleaseHer Website
Map to Jane Hartsook Gallery