Help fund the Canadian Ceramic Decal Printer

Ceramic Decals a-Go-Go

A Feedlot Studios & Black Bird Studios Fundraising Campaign





Feedlot Studios of Gabriola Island and Black Bird Studios of
Victoria are joining super ceramic forces to launch a personalized
decal making service to Canadian Ceramists as well as our international
friends too!


the sophisticatedness of the technology it is an expensive venture so
we are launching 3 part fundraising campaign through The link to our campaign that contains much more info can be found Here!


Any donation will be gladly accepted, but if you are feeling the ceramic decal love you can check out these Perks below.


We thank you so much for reading a little more about us and our want to expand our ceramic horizons.


Mariko & Paige




Incentives to Funders!

The gift of
giving is great, but what about some ground level incentives. While any
amount will so be greatly appreciated, here are a few reasons/perks to
dig a little deeper.

  • Level 1- $100: A
    pair of one of a kind, limited edition mugs made by Feedlot Studios
    and/ or Black Bird Studios and 20% off printing for one year.*
  • Level 2- $250: 2 cups, 2 bowls + 20%  off printing for one year.*
  • Level 3- $500: 1 large serving dish +20% off printing for one year.*
  • Level 4-$1000: 1 Teapot or sculpture + 20% off printing.*

*Please note the following:

  • Given the volume of donations we are handling we ask for just a little patience while we produce, produce, produce!
  • Also, Shipping and handling of Perk Wares out of Continental North America must be made by the donor. 
  • 20% off printing from the time we get the printer up and going and a maximum of of 10 sheets will be honored.



Isn’t she a beauty?

She would come to us via Ceramic Digital Technologies


Feedlot Studios


Black Bird Studios

This weekend (sorry for the short notice) Saanich West Studio Tour 2012

Meira Mathison

11:00am to 4:00pm

Spend time in the country with Art and Beauty.
This tour focuses largely on ceramics, and many locations are hosting more than one artist.

Look for the yellow studio tour signs. Brochures/maps will be available at each stop.

For more information please contact any participant.

*(Prospect, Elk & Beaver Lake, West of the Pat Bay Highway and
around Camosun College/Interurban Campus/Wilkinson/Helmcken to
W.Burnside Rd.)

Participating Members:

Please click on the member name to get more information.

2 Meira Mathison
1443 Hastings Street, Victoria, BC
3 Cedar Grove Gallery, Sandra Dolph
1443 Hastings Street, Victoria, BC
4 Heidi Roemer
1717 Woodsend Dr., Victoria, BC
7 Aspen House Productions Ltd., JOY FINLAY
270 Trevlac Place, Victoria, BC
8 Alexander Pottery, Nancy Alexander
270 Trevlac Place, Victoria, BC
12 eartharts, Louise Parsons
270 Trevlac Place, Victoria, BC
13 Lomalinda Clayworks, Pamela Truscott-White
270 Trevlac Place, Victoria, BC
16 Dirty Girl Clayworks, Faro Annie Sullivan
5321 Old West Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC
17 Black Bird Studios, Paige Coull
5321 Old West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC
18 STONE ANGEL, Audrey Van Eerden
5635 Forest Hill Rd, Victoria, BC
Click on Saanich West Studio Tour 2012 – Booklet to print this tour as a PDF file. (Adobe Acrobat reader is required to print this file)

Contact Info:

Contact Name Faro Sullivan
Phone 250-413-6782