a site to see friday: Marcelina Salazar and her Bourry-Box Blog



not only creates beautiful pottery but she also is documenting her
process in kiln building to share with others interested in building.

From her website:
“Marcelina grew up in Colombia and moved to Canada in 1999 to go to university. In school, she developed a keen interest in food issues. At the same time, her passion for clay was taking shape. Pottery
seemed to bring her interest in food and food issues to the table.

So, after finishing a degree in science at Trent University, she decided to pursue pottery more seriously. In 2007 she completed a Ceramic Certificate at The Haliburton School
of the Arts, and then she studied some more ceramics at Sheridan

Now she works as a full-time studio potter in her timber frame studio, on her farm in rural Ontario.

She also tries to spend free time with her husband, organic farmer Jason Hayes, and her beautiful dog, Kanuk.”


Bourry-Box Blog @ marcelinasalazar.wordpress.com

have recently finished building a bourry-box kiln in rural Central
Ontario. This is an account of that process, hoping to reciprocate some
of the help and encouragement I’ve received from the ceramics community
all along.”