A meeting of 2d and 3d pots:

“Image and Object”

Steve Harrison and Roxanne Lillis

Tuesday 25th October to Saturday 5th November
Official Opening: Saturday 29th October 4-6pm

Steve Harrison has been creating ceramics of great subtlety and beauty for over 40 years. He makes objects of contemplation and beauty with subtle, simple lines and great charm. These pieces are created from only the local rocks, shales and ashes that he collects from his immediate locality in the Southern Highlands. These are then hand sorted and ground to provide the bodies and glazes used here. His work is gently woodfired to create subtle fired surfaces that suggest softness and depth. His work shows some oriental characteristics that have been influenced by his time spent travelling and studying in Japan and china as well as Europe.
Roxanne Lillis These are precious objects from a familiar world. In this body of work I attempt to express or exemplify something intuitive. Obvious, yet elusive. They are at once recognisable however possess a changing aesthetic when grouped with other objects or portrayed as a solitary form. My painting endeavours to capture the love of their making, with adjustments of composition, scale, and the use of negative space, using a subtle palette.
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