podcast thursdays: Radio Lab – Sleep

I’m almost ridiculous excited to introduce a new repeating feature to musing. I’m sure you all know of Ben Carter and his podcast Tales of a Red Clay Rambler. It is one the best arts and culture podcasts out there and as a bonus it is focused on ceramics. I’m sure for many of us it is the soundtrack to our studios. With podcasts such as Ben’s and Brian Jones (www.brianrjones.com), and a new up and coming podcast – The Potters Cast by Paul Blais (thepotterscast.com), there are hours of inspiring stories to go through. But what if (dare I say it?) we want to listen to some other podcasts that are equally as interesting but maybe not about clay? Well I’ve enlisted Ben’s help to start compiling a listening list for you of some of his favorite episodes from other podcasts. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Ben to musing about mud as a regular bi-weekly feature. Ben’s extensive knowledge and experience will surely make this new feature one to look forward to. 
Thanks Ben!
Radio Lab- Sleep-
Episode 2 of Season 3
Radio Lab’s unique brand of story telling is candy for my
brain. It was one of the first podcasts that I became addicted to and after
only a few episodes I set upon a quest to listen to every episode. One of my favorite
early episodes, Sleep, looks at what
happens to humans, and all the world’s creatures, when they fall asleep. Visit http://www.radiolab.org/story/91528-sleep/
to download the episode or find the podcast on iTunes.
“Radiolab is a show about
curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between
science, philosophy, and human experience.”

27th Annual North Carolina Potters Conference


The North Carolina Potters Conference is a premier ceramics
conference.  Through its history the conference has featured the some of
the best ceramics artists from around the world.  This conference
centers on simultaneous demonstrations cultivating a dialogue of
techniques, concepts, and experiences between the artists and the
audience.  Unlike other conferences, you do not have to pick and choose
with workshops to attend.  All the demonstrations and presentations are
scheduled for the entire group. Potters at any skill level will come
away with new ideas and inspiration to improve their work.  Even
non-potters have found the weekend a worthwhile introduction into the
world of ceramics.